Kazhan Ibrahim Mahmood


College of Nursing

Department of Midwifery

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  • After graduating with a BSc in Nursing Science (First Class Honours) I worked in the hospitals and then as a Clinical Instructor at The Hawler Medical University/College of Nursing. Then, I went on to study my Master in Maternity Nursing at the same University. After graduating with a MSc I worked as an Assistant Lecturer and Researcher at the same University contributing to undergraduate teaching, as well as supervising student’s projects. I am currently holding a PhD at the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health/ School of Nursing and Midwifery/ The University of Sheffield-UK.

  • Research Interest:

    My research interest spans the areas of women’s health and sexual/reproductive health. Methodologically, my expertise lies in quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods researches.

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  • PhD in Maternal Health, The University of Sheffield/United Kingdom - 2012-2016

    MSc in Maternity Nursing, Hawler Medical University/Iraq - 2008-2010

    BSc in Nursing Science, Hawler Medical University/Iraq - 2002-2006

  • Teaching:

    - Biostatistics Theory - Third and Fourth year students

    - Maternity Lab. - Third year students

    - Obstetric Emergencies - Midwifery students

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