Tiran Jamil Piro


College of Nursing

Department of Midwifery

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  • Tiran Jamil Piro has PhD in maternity Nursing from Tehran University of Medical sciences/college of Nursing and Midwifery(TUMS). She is lecturer and coordinator of Midwifery department, teaches different courses of maternity nursing and midwifery including: antental care, normal labor and postpartum care, pregnancy at risk, clinical placement, fundamental of nursing theory and clinical... she has more than 5 publications and more than 7 studies in the different field of maternity and women health.


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  • Iraqi Nurses perspectives about safety issues in maternity services.

    Iraqi nurses perceptions of working in maternity unit

    Kurdish maternity nurses perspectives about human dignity

    Knowledge, Practice and Attitude of married Women Regarding Preconception Care in a sample of Kurdish women

    Experience of Iraqi women who received IVF treatment in IVF center in Maternity Hospital/Erbil



  • BSc in Nursing from Isfahan Medical university/College of Nursing and Midwifery/Iran 1999-2000

    MSc in Maternity Nursing/Hawler Medical University/College of Nursing/Iraq 2005

    PhD in Maternity nursing/Tehran University of Medical Sciences/College of Nursing and Midwifery/international Campus 2015 

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