Kazhal Hassan Hama Rahim


College of Nursing

Department of Nursing

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  • Kazhal Hassan has B.sc. in Biology from a College of Science, High Diploma in Salahadin university.She worked as a teacher for 23 years in different schools (Koya, Erbil ) , she worked as leadership in British council from(2007-2010), Now she works as a head of biologist in Hawler Medical University department of nursing .  

    • Laboratory study  of the life cycle of fresh water copepoda Mesocyclops edax (Forbes,1891)
    • A study of Naupliar stage of Mesocycops edax (Forbes, 1891)
    • Assessment of antibiotics Misuse in Erbil City.
    • The influnce of Rhesus Blood Group (RhD) on toxoplasmosis of pregnant women in Erbil city.

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    • Assessment of antibiotics Misuse in Erbil City, Journal of Kufa
    • The influnce of Rhesus Blood Group ( RhD ) on toxoplasmosis of pregnant womenin Erbil city. accepted to publishin Erbil Journal of Nursing and Midwifery.
  • BSc Biology, College of Science, University of Salahaddin, 1986

    High Diploma Microbiology,  University of Salahaddin, 2010

    • Wrote HMU Laboratory Safety Manual for use in all university laboraties - 2013
    • Fire Safety Coordinator in University Buildings, AJG Ingenieure GmbH, 2013 - four day training on fire safety equipment, evacuation plans, chemical/physical basics of fire and behavior of building materials under fire
    • Advanced Trauma Life Support and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, Hawler Medical University, 2014
    • Connecting Classrooms Capacity Building, British Council Bahrain, 2008 -  represented Erbil in a group that included more than 1,000 schools, recognized for active participation and achievements
    • Health and Safety at Work, European Technology and Training Center, 2014
    • Science Training, Koya, 2000 - received top grade of 98%
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