Newroz Ghazi Aziz


College of Nursing

Department of Nursing

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  • Newroz Gh Aziz has Acute Care Nursing from Griffith University in Australia. She is a lecturer of adult nursing at Hawler Medical University/ College of Nursing, Erbil, Iraq. She teaches first-year fundamental theory and medical disease to second and third-year midwifery students. She has two published articles. Before becoming an academic faculty, she worked as a registered nurse at East emergency hospital.   

  • Research Interest:

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  • first: nurses' experience and perception of medication administration error.

    second: nurses' knowledge of nutritional management for patients with renal failure.


  • 2014 M.Sc in acute care nursing at Griffith university, Australia.

  •  member in the clinical committee, exam committee and supervising fourth-year research projects. 


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