Ansam Naji Alhassani

Assistant Professor

College of Pharmacy

Department of Pharmacology

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  • Dr. AnsamN.Alhassani is an Assisst.professor in the department of pharmacology,Hawler medical university. Received B.pharm from college of pharmacy/Baghdad university ,MSC (pharmacology)from college of medicin/Hawler medical university,and PhD.(toxicology)from college of pharmacy/ Hawler medical unversity

  • 1.Drug advers effect and health assessment.

    2.Clinical toxicology (acute, chronic ,drug abuse ).

    3.Enviromental toxicity and pollution.


  • Alhassani AN. (2013) Survey study of lead exposure among lead workers in Erbil. Iraqi J Pharm 13(1):51-58

    Alhassani AN and Yahya BM (2013) Measurment of serum zinc level in patients with warts, cardiovascular diseases, and leukema. Iraqi J Pharm 13(1):1-6

    Alhassani AN and Daloe OJ (2015) Impact of amiloride-hydrochlorthiazide diuretic against the pathway of uric acid-VLDL and peroxynitrite in essential hypertension. Res Revi: J Pharm. ISSN: 2230-9861 (online), 5(Issue 3).   

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