Shahla Shaheen Al_zaeedy

Assistant Professor

College of Pharmacy

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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  • I have a phD in analytical chemistry, My research is focusing on the separation and idetification of organic molecule based on the analytical I am Assistant Prof. at college of pharmacy/ Hawler medical University, Erbil, Iraq, Since, 2008 till now.

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  • Mousl University, Mousl, Iraq, B.Sc. in Chemistry, 1981.

    Mousl University, Mousl, Iraq, M.Sc. in analytical chemistry, 1987.

    Mousl University, Mousl, Iraq, Ph. D. in analytical chemistry, 1999.

  • Teaching:

    Experiences in General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Pollution, Environment, Physics, and Histology, post graduate studies.

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