Abdulrahman Jawdat Mohammed Hamasy


College of Pharmacy

Department of Clinical Analysis

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  • I am a pharmacist, I have master degree in clinical biochemistry, and my PhD study was  about mutation and its effect on lymphoid malignancies.

  • Abdulrahman Hamasy, Qing Wang, K. Emelie M. Blomberg, Dara K.Mohammad, Liang Yu, Mauno Vihinen, Anna Berglöf, and C. I. Edvard Smith. Substitution scanning identifies a novel, catalytically active ibrutinib-resistant BTK cysteine 481 to threonine (C481T) variant. Leukemia 2017; 31, 177-185. 

     Karin E. Lundin, Abdulrahman Hamasy, Paul Hoff Backe, Lotte N. Moens, Elin Falk-Sörqvist, Katja B. Elgstøen, Lars Mørkrid, Magnar Bjørås, Carl Granert, Anna-Carin Norlin, Mats Nilsson, Birger Christensson, Stephan Stenmark, C.I. Edvard Smith. Susceptibility to infections, without concomitant hyper-IgE, reported in 1976, is caused by hypomorphic mutation in the phosphoglucomutase 3 (PGM3) gene. Clin Immunol. 2015;161(2):366- 72.

    Alamdar Hussain, Dara K. Mohammad, Manuela O. Gustafsson, Merve Uslu,Abdulrahman Hamasy, Beston F. Nore, Abdalla J. Mohamed, and C. I.Edvard Smith.

    Signaling of the ITK (Interleukin 2-inducible T Cell Kinase)-SYK (Spleen Tyrosine Kinase) Fusion Kinase Is Dependent on Adapter SLP-

    76 and on the Adapter Function of the Kinases SYK and ZAP70. J Biol Chem.2013 Mar 8;288(10):7338-50.


    Berglöf A, Hamasy A, Meinke S, Palma M, Krstic A, Månsson R, Kimby E, Österborg A, Smith CI. Targets for Ibrutinib Beyond B Cell Malignancies.

    Scand J Immunol. 2015 Sep;82(3):208-17. Review.


    Vargas L, Hamasy A, Nore BF, Smith CI. Inhibitors of BTK and ITK: state of the new drugs for cancer, autoimmunity and inflammatory diseases. Scand J Immunol. 2013 Aug;78(2):130-9. Review

  • I have started giving (biochemistry) lectures for third stage / college of pharmacy and also (clinical biochemistry) for 3rd stage /college of health science

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