Halmat M Jaafar

Assistant Lecturer

College of Pharmacy

Department of Pharmacology

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  • Halmat M. Jaafar he have a master degree in clinical pharmacy, and he is an assistant lecturer in the college of pharmacy/hawler medical university, 

     He teaches different courses as clinical pharmacy, clinical pharmacokinetic, patient assessment and drug informatics.

    He is area of interest is diabetes and all aspects related to it.

  • He is researches are about diabetes and medications used in diabetic , and comparison  between the old traditional treatment of diabetes and current new medication that used in diabetic , and monitoring all adverse events related to the medications used in diabetes. 

  • December 2015 MSc in Clinical Pharmacy, Hawler Medical University, Erbil, Iraq.

  • Teaching: clinical Pharmacy, clinical pharmacokinetic, drug informatics, patient assessment

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