Jwan Mohammed Ahmed

Assistant Lecturer

College of Pharmacy

Department of Phrmaceutics

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  • Dr. Jwan Mohammed Ahmed is an assistant lecturer in Hawler Medical University/ College of Pharmacy. She has awarded her bachelor degree at the same university and master degree in pharmaceutical sciences with distinction at Aston University in the UK being sponsored by Kurdistan Regional Government. She is passionate about doing researches in the field of pharmaceutics especially on pharmaceutical polymers willing to make a novel dosage form using polymers

  • formulation and evaluation of a simvastatin oral fast disolving film using gelatin and sodium carboxy methyl cellulose 

  • supervised a fifith year student for graduation project on (evaluation of hardness and friability of paracetamol from different companies)

  • Stil have no publication but willing to public an article soon

  • BSc. Pharm at Hawler Medical University

    MSc. pharmaceutics at Aston University/ UK

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