Aveen Nozad Adham


College of Pharmacy

Department of Pharmacognosy

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  • Dr.Aveen Nozad Lecturer in Pharmacognosy at the Pharmacy college of Pharmacognosy Department.

  • 1. Phytochemical screening of medicinal plants

    2.Bioassay guided isolation of natural products

    3.Evaluation of cytotoxicity activity of plants 

    4.Evaluation of hypoglycemic activity of plants

  • https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=5IIQH2sAAAAJ&hl=en&authuser=1

  • 1- BSc Pharmacy/College of Pharmacy/HMU 2006-2007

    2- MSc Pharmacognosy/College of Pharmacy/HMU 2011

    3-PHD student in Pharmacognosy/College of Pharmacy/HMU 2017-present

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