muhanad salah mawlood


College of Pharmacy

Department of Clinical Analysis

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  • Muhanad Salah Al Ani

    M.Sc Clinical Biochemistry (Baghadad university) 2004

    Phd student ( Hawler Medical university)

    Lecturer in the college of pharmacy/Hawler Medical university

  • Diabetic complication ( retinopathy, nephropathy)


    solution, emultion, ointment and creames preparation


  • Undergrajuate students (fifth satge students)

  • The preventive effect of bismuth and vitamin E combination on cisplatin hepatotoxicity in cancer patients


    Nephroprotective Effect of Vitamin E and bismuth combinationation in

    Patients Treated With Cisplatin Chemotherapy

  • clinical biochemistry theory (fifth stage)

    clinical biochemistry Lab. (fifth stage)

    biochemistry Lab. (third stage)

    physical pharmacy theory (2nd stage)

    physical pharmacy Lab. (2nd stage)

    pharmaceutical calculation ( first stage)


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