Naz Jamal Ibrahim

Assistant Lecturer

College of Pharmacy

Department of Phrmaceutics

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  • Has completed MSc in pharmaceutics in 2011 in the hawler medical university. The research was about bilayer drug delivery system and technology.

  • 1- Formulation and evaluation of dosage form.

    2- Nanotechnology dosage form.

    3- Pharmaceutical production and related technology.

  • Under graduate students

  • 1- Chondroitin sulfate- chitosan nanoparticles for ocular delivery of bromfenac sodium: Improved permeation, retention, and penetration, Int J Pharm Investig. 2016 Apr-Jun; 6(2): 96-105,

  • B.Sc. pharmacy/ college of pharmacy / University of salahaddin (2004)

    M.Sc. pharmaceutics / college of pharmacy/ Hawler medical university (2011)


  • Pharmaceutical technology


    pharmacy practice

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