Sazan Dakhil Saeed

Assistant Lecturer

College of Pharmacy

Department of Pharmacology

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  • Sazan Dakheel Saeed has MSc degree in Pharmacology from college of Pharmacy/Hawler Medical University (PhD student in Toxicology). She is an assistant lecturer in college of Pharmacy/Hawler medical University, Erbil, Iraq. She teaches different courses including Clinical Toxicology Theory, General Toxicology Theory and Patient assessment Theory. She has 3 publications. she currently works on PhD research project. 

  • 1.Comparative study between Metformin, Glibenclamide and their combination in newly diagnosed diabetic (type II) patients in Hawler City.

    2. Low Doses of Acetaminophen Prolonged Prothrombin Time and Increased International Normalized Ratio in Patients Receiving Long-Term Therapy.

    3. Effects of metabolic syndromes on prostate specific antigen level, prostate volume and international prostate symptom scores in patients diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia in Erbil/kurdistan.

  • -B.Sc. in Pharmacy/College of Pharmacy/Salahaddin University/Iraq 2003-2004

    -M.Sc. degree in Pharmacology/College of Pharmacy/Hawler Medical University 2010

    -PhD student in Toxicology......

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