Lana Yousif Mutalib


College of Pharmacy

Department of Pharmacognosy

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  • I am Lana Yousif Mutalib, lecturer in Pharmacy College\HMU. I have BSC degree in Pharmacy, and Master degree in Pharmacognosy. I have 14 years  of working, three of them as pharmacist in Ministery of Health and 11 years working in Pharmacy College at different academic title tutor, assisstant lecture and lecturer. I teach Pharmacognosy I and II third stage ( Practical and theoritical). 

  • Research field intrested in:

    1- Phytotherapy and natural products

    2- Phytochemistery

    3- Ethnopharmacology

  • 1- Antibacterial and phytochemical screening of Iraqi Salvia officinalis leaves, Iraqi Journal of Pharmaceutical Science; 2012.

    2- Antimicrobial and preliminary of phytochemical invistegation of some medicinal plants of Iraqi Kurdistan, Advanced Biochemical and Pathobiology; 2013.

    3- Comparison between conventional and modern methods of extractions of Rosmarrinus officinalis leaves, Zanco Journal; 2015.

    4- Phytochemical screening, antibacterial and antibiofilm of Lagenaria siceraria fruit growing in Kurdistan Region\Iraq, JPP; May 2015.

    5-Comparison between phytotherapy and conventional drug therapy used in treatment of urolithiasis, JPP; May 2015.

    6- Ethnomedicnal practice used in treatment of diabetes mellitus from Hewler city, Kurdistan Region\Iraq, eIJJP; June 2015.

    7- Effect of growth age period on biochemical composition of Plantago major, IJCRR; October 2015.

    8- Biochemical composition and Invitro thrombolytic activity of  Melissa officinalis growing naturally in Kurdistan Region\Iraq, IJCRR; October 2015.

    9- Physicochemical, phytochemical and biological study of Melissa officinalis growing naturally in Kudristan Region\Iraq: Compaartive Study, ISOR-JPBS; Sepetember 2015.

    10- Assessment of thrombolytic activity of selected species of Lamiaceae family growing naturally in Kudistan Region\Iraq using Invitro model, JAMPS; October 2015.

    11- Comparative physicochemical, phytochemical and biological study of biological related from Brassicaceae family growing in Kurdistan Region\Iraq, APhP; October 2015.

    12- Estimation of bacterial growth inhibitiona nd antibiofilm activity of Hibiscus sabdarriffaplant extract against standard pathogenic bacteria, WJPS; July 2015.

    13- Open labeled uncontrolled pilot study of antipsoratic activity of Rosa hemisphearica, Zanco Journal; 2017.


  • Academic Education Years:

    1- 2000-2004: Bachelor degree in Pharmacy, Pharmacy College\Salahaddin Unversity

    2- 2008-2010: Master degree in Pharmacognosy, Pharmacy College\HMU

    3-2016-Present: PHD student in Pharmacognosy, Pharmacy College\HMU

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