Assistant Professor

College of Dentistry

Department of Pedodontics, Orthodontics and Preventive Dentistry (POP)

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  • Orthodontic specialist + Preventive Dentistry,intersted to TADs reaserch, Biomechanics,Cleft lip and palate researches & Orthodontic Index.

  • orthodontics,TADs ,Biomechanics, Occlusion , Fixed and removable orthodontics appliances.


  • The effects of Flouride Conc. in Removable Orthodontic applaince on the oral health status. (M.Sc. student in orthodontic .

    Eruption time of permanent teeth and its association with socio-demographic and anthropometric variables in Dohuk governorate. (Ph.D. student in Pedodontics.)

  • 1-Prospective Study of Oral Health, Pain and Discomfort and Success Rates Following Insertion of Orthodontic Mini-Implants,Sulaimani Dental Journal.Volume 5 Issue 1 August 2018.

    2-Evaluation of salivary calcium, phosphorus and alkaline phosphatase level in children (4-6 years) with nursing caries in Erbil City. published in Zanco J. Med. Sci., Vol. 21, No. (3), December, 2017

    3-Periodontal health status of fixed orthodontic patients, published in 3rd internatinal conference for medical sciences,proceeding book Vol.(II),2012.

    4-Prevalence of malocclusion and orthodontic treatment need
    in a sample of 12-15-year-old kurdish schoolchildren
    in Ranyia district.Erbil Dental Journal Vol.1 No.2 Dec 2018.

    5-Accelerated Orthodontic Canine Retraction Using Minimally
    Invasive Orthocision: An in vivo study
    Omar Fawzi Chawshli; Zana Qadir Omer; Omed Ikram.Erbil Dental Journal Vol.1 March 2018 


  • B.D.S (Mosul University 1994)

    M.Sc. in Orthodntics (Hawler Medical University 2002)

    Ph.D. in Preventive Dentistry (Hawler Medical University 2010)

  • member in:

    Americal Association of Orthodontic (AAO)

    Word federation of Orthodontics (WFO)

    Head of Pedo,Orthod & Preventive Dentistry /College of Dentistry

    CEO in Noor Dent Center.

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