Saman Salah eldeen Abdulla


College of Dentistry

Department of Oral Diagnosis and Oral Medicine

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  • I am clinical professor in diagnostic pathology, a title not known in Kurdistan

    I have over 15 years experience in histopathology

    In addition, to my clinical work, I am an avid teacher and consider teaching an integral part of my profesional developement

    At some stage, I took the responsibility of progaramme direction of the pathology training in the Kurdistani Borad.

  • Reserach is not a priority for me although I have actively participated in numerous reseraches in Kurdistan and abroad.

    I believe research is poorly understood and widely abused in the middle east,. Research should not be for the sake of publication and promotion, reserach should be done with the intent of medical progression and finding new therapies.

    Unfortunately, nowadays over 99% of reseaches done in the world have no impact on the progress of medcine. In the middle east, this 99% is in fact 100%

    1. MB CHB
    2. MB BCH BAO
    3. FRCPath
    4. CCST
  • Diagnostic histopathology is the main part of my porfession. I am active in organising workshops and give slide sessions to develop and progress micropscopic skills.

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