Zhian Sherzad Hayder


College of Dentistry

Department of Basic Sciences

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  • PhD Student

  • 1.Parathyroid hormone Level and some biochemical parameters in chronic renal failure patients

    2.Complications of Cardiovascular Diseases and Malnutrition in End Stage of Renal Disease Patients

    3.Some Physiological and biochemical Parameters Change and Their Relation with Chronic Kidney Disease


    Journal of Koya university

    Journal of Koya university


    Journal of Koya university





              No: 24

    4.Changes in thyroid function in correlation to some haematological parameters in pregnant women


    Journal of Koya university



    No: 641


    5.Relation ship between C- reactive protin,differential leukocyte count and uric acide in kidney in erbil teahing hospetal.      ZANCO Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences
    The official scientific journal of Salahaddin University-Erbil
    ZJPAS (2017), 29 (s4); s47-s55
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