Media Ali Saeed


College of Dentistry

Department of Conservative Dentistry

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  • BDS, MSc, PhD

  • - Correlation between the bacteria isolated from endodontic materilas and from secondory endodontic infections.

    -  Obturation of simulated internal resortion cavities with three different techniques (An in-vitro comparative study)

  • 1- Bacterial contamination of Endodontic materials before and after clinical storage.

    2- Coronal sealing ability of different sealers on teeth obturation and the effectiveness of two different obturation techniques.

    3- Obturation of internally prepared cavities (simulating internal resorption) with three different techniques.

    4- The effect of duration of finishing and polishing on the surface roughness of two composite resins.

    5- The effect of smear layer removal on apical seal of teeth obturated with two different techniques.

    6- The effect of two finishing and polishing systems on the surface roughness of two composite resins.

  • 1- BDS in Dentistry (Salahaddin University)

    2- MSc in Conservative Dentistry (Hawler Medical University)

    3- PhD in Endodontics (King's College London)

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