shaheen ali ahmed


College of Dentistry

Department of Oral Diagnosis and Oral Medicine

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  • oral manifestation of gaterointestinal diseases 

    oral manifestaion of endocrain diseases 

  • 1-rheumatoid arthritis of the temporomandibulaer joint ,aclinical and radiographic study 

    2-analysis of 340 caess visited rizgary teaching hospital in hawler city during 2009-2010

    3-effecacy of topical flax paint for the treatmentof reccurrent aphthous stomatitis 

    4-topical treatment of herpes simplex  lesion by lavender cream 

    5-papillon -lefever syndrome case report and review of literatuer 

    6- the effect of green tea  extract of submandibular salivary gland od methoraxate treated albino rats :immunohistochemical  study 

    7-midliine lethal granuloma case report and review of literatuer 


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