Jangi Shawkat Salai


College of Medicine

Department of Pharmacology and Biophysics

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  • MBChB Medicine and Surgery / Mousel University 1990

    Master Internal Medicine / Salahaddin University -College of Medicine 1997

    Master Clinical Oncology / Basque University 2007

    PhD Oncology / Basque University 2006

    Lecturer at Hawler Medical University since 1997

    Consultant Oncologist and Internist

    Program Director of Kurdistan Board of Medical Oncology since 2013

  • https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=QbizzPkAAAAJ&hl=en

  • Naza Shakir Shareef: Master student at Dept. of  Pharmacology and Toxicology- College of Pharrmacy (Role of cobalamin in Oxaliplatin induced peripheral neuropathy) 2017-2018 

    JJwan Saleem: Master student at Dept. of Pharrmacology and Biophysics- College of Medicine (Comparative effects of tamoxifen, anastrozole, and letrozole on plasma lipid profile and hepatotoxicity in women with breast cancer)

    dr.Jwan master student

    Dr. Naza Master student

    Dr. Noor Board student

    Dr. Rawaz Board student

  • https://www.researchgate.net/publication/224853578_Molecular_mechanism_implicated_in_Pemetrexed-induced_apoptosis_in_human_melanoma_cells?ev=auth_pub

  • MBChB, MSc. Internal Medicine, MSc. Molecular Oncology, MSc. Clinical Oncology, PhD Oncology

  • Consultant Oncologist and Internist

    Program Director of Kurrdistan Board for Medical Oncology

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