Nadya Yassoub Ahmed


College of Medicine

Department of Pathology

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  • Dr. Sara Alaaldin abdulalrazzaq /MSc Histopathology

  • 1-Evaluation of flexible sigmoidoscopy as initial investigation for patients with bright red rectal bleeding.

    Zanco Journal for Medical Science

    Vol.(8), 2004

    Special issue

    2-A clinico-pathologic study of women with breast lumps in Erbil.

    =          =            =

    Vol.(8), N0.(2)


    3-Current status of breast cancer in Kurdish women in Erbil

    =         =             =

    Vol. (8), No.(2)


    4-Endometrial carcinoma and its                Special issue of medical journal of Baghdad

     precancerous conditions (Endometrial Hyperplasia)                        university 1997


    5- Chronic Granulomatous lymphadenitis



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    6- Accuracy of modified Alvarado scoring

    System in diagnosis of acute appendicitis

    Zanco Journal for Medical Sciences

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    7- P53 expression in endometrial hyperplasia and endometrial carcinoma

    Zanco Journal for Medical Sciences

     Vol.14, No. (2), 2010.

    8- Immunoexpression of p53 and p21 (WAF1/CIP1) proteins in Colorectal Cancer: Correlation with Clinicopathological Parameters

    The New Iraqi Journal of Medicine

    December 2010; 6(3): 12-18



    9. A clinicopathologic study of Ki-67 proliferation index in colorectal carcinoma


    Saudi Med J 2012; Vol. 33 (8)

    10. The frequency and spectrum of K-ras

    mutations among Iraqi patients with sporadic colorectal carcinoma.

    Indian Journal of Cancer | January-March 2012 | Volume 49 | Issue 1

    11. Prevalence of HPV Immunostaining  in Benign, Preneoplastic & Neoplastic Cervical Lesions of Kurdish Women in Erbil City/Kurdistan of Iraq.

    American journal of research commnnication 2014; 2(1)

    12. Immunoexpression of p53 protein  in trophoblastic diseases  



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    Anti-BCG Immunohistochemical Detection of Mycobacteria in Formalin- Fixed Paraffin Embedded Tissue Samples of Granulomatous Lymphadenitis.

    Journal of Babylon university 2017;25 (4)

    14. Role of Ki-67 immunoexpression in diagnosis of molar pregnancy & differentiating its subtypes


    Journal of Babylon university 2017;25 (4)

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