Medya Ghazi Sedeq


College of Medicine

Department of Surgery

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  • Specialist radiologist at Hawler teaching hospital since1-10-2015, permanent teaching staff of medical college in Hawler Medical University since 2007, graduated from college of medicine of Salahadin University 1994, got master in radiology from Erbil  2003





    1-Can vaginal ultrasound replace diagnostic curettage in the detection of endometrial pathology in postmenopausal bleeding? 

    2- Sonographic normal thyroid gland volume in healthy adults in Erbil.














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    1-Validity of ultrasound for estimation of fetal weight in term single tone pregnancies  Zanco J.Med.Sci., Vol.14( special issue14),2010.

    2-Enhanced fertility after diagnostic hysterosalpingography using water-soluble contrast media Zanco J.Med.Sci., Vol.19, No.(1) ,2015.

    3-A prospective comparison of transvaginal transabdominal ultrasound and diagnostic curettage in the evaluation of endometrial pathology in Erbil Zanco J.Med.Sci., Vol.20, No.(1),2016.

    4-Ultrasonographic Prevalence of Polycystic Ovarian  Morphology among Women of Reproductive Age Group ( accepted for publication), Zanco J.Med.Sci., Vol.23,No.(1)2017.


  • M.B.CH.B University of Salahuddin 1994

    Master in radiology Hawler medical university 2003, thesis( pre-operative chest radiograph is it of value) 

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