Wali Omer Abdulrahman


College of Medicine

Department of Community Medicine


    1. Improving the quality of health services in low-middle resource settings and community-based health schemes.
    2. Health Informatics, GIS Applications in Health and Interactive Web GIS
    3. Health Education and Human Behavior and Health

    1. Wali Omer, "Who is Better: Specialist or Generalist? Consumers Attitude and Knowledge about whom to Consult in Erbil City", Zanco Journal for Medical Sciences, 2013.
     2. Wali Omer, Khales Belal, Samir Mahmood, "Job Satisfaction among primary health physicians in Erbil City", Iraqi Medical Journal, 2011.
     3. Omer Surchi, Wali Omer, " Geographical Information System in the Evaluation of Tuberculosis in Erbil City (1998-2002)", Zanco Journal for Medical Sciences, 2006.
     4. Mudhafar Habib, Wali Omer, " Prevalence of Cardio-vascular Risk Factor among General Population in Erbil City", Zanco Journal for Medical Sciences, 2006.

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  • Education

    MBChB, Salahadin University, 1993
    MSc, Salahadin University, 2005
    PhD, Hawler Medical University, 2012



    Basic Epidemiology, Health Systems, Critical Thinking, Biostatistics, Research Methods, Health Information System

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