Ali Abdulrazzak Al-Dabbagh


College of Medicine

Department of Medical Education

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  • Dean of the College of Medicine HMU                             2010- Present

    Professor of Surgery HMU                                             2015

    Consultant Surgeon Rizgary Teaching hospital                2009


  • Research interests: General surgery, Laparoscopy, Thyroid, Medical Education

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  • MBChB (Salahaddin) Jun 1992  

    FICMS (Baghdad) May 2000

    CABS (Baghdad) Jan 2001

    FRCS (London) 2016

    FRCS (Glasgow) 2016

  • Academic Titles:

    • Professor of Surgery, Hawler Medical University, May 2015
    • Assistant Professor of Surgery Hawler Medical University, May 2009
    • Lecturer General Surgery, Hawler Medical University, Oct 2001

    Professional Titles:

    • Consultant General Surgeon, MoH KRG-Iraq Jan 2009
    • Specialist General Surgery MoH Iraq  Jan 2001

    International Contributions:

    • Forging Scientific Relations between 2012-Present

     Halwer Medical University and Dundee School                                      of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing.

    • Member of the organizing committee of                  2012

    EuroAmerican Multispeciality Summit,

    Society of Laproendoscopic Surgery,Orlando USA.

    • Overseas board member of Tayside Institute      2015                         for Global Health
    • Fellow of the International College of Surgery       2006

    National Contributions:

    • Member of the Iraqi Deans of Medical Schools        2012- Present

    Local Contributions:

    • President of the 2nd International Scientific Conference 2017

    of the College of Medicine/HMU

    • President of the 1st International Scientific Conference 2016

    of the College of Medicine/HMU

    • Organizing Committee 3rd International                 2012

    Conference of Medical Sciences/HMU.

    • Member of Editorial Board, Zanco Medical Journal     2012-2014
    • Head of HMU website development committee        2014-Present
    • Head of Curriculum development committee           2011-Present

    , College of Medicine/HMU

    • Head of Accreditation Committee, College     2010- Present of Medicine/HMU

    Examinership – Undergraduates:

    • Examiner for Final MBChB College of Medicine/HMU  2002-Present

    Examinership – Postgraduates:       

    • Examiner for Diploma of Surgery College of Medicine 2004-Present

    Hawler Medical University.

    • Examiner for Kurdistani Board of Surgery           2016

    Lecturer and Supervisor:

    • General Surgery 3rd,4th,5th and 6th year                       2002- 2012

    MBChB students, College of Medicine/HMU

    • Basic surgical skills course, Diploma of Surgery,      2004- 2012

    College of Medicine/HMU

    • Basic surgical skill course, Iraqi Board of Surgery         2006-2012
    • Clinical training and research supervision,          2004- Present

    Diploma of Surgery, College of Medicine/HMU

    • Clinical training and research supervision                        2010- Present

    Iraqi Board of Surgery

    Clinical training and research supervision                          2011- Present

    Kurdistan Board of Surgery

    • Research co-supervision of PhD student in Medical  2013-2015


    Membership of Societies:

    • Member of the Kurdistan Society of Surgeons 2017
    • Member Society of American and Gastrointestinal   2014- Present

    and Endosocopic Surgeons SAGES.

    • Member of American Thyroid Association                2014- Present
    • Member of Society of Laproendoscopic Surgeons SLS 2010- Present
    • Fellow of the International College of Surgeons FICS   2006-2009



    • Dean of the College of Medicine/HMU                     2010- Present
    • Head of Postgraduate Unit, College of Medicine/HMU 2004-2010
    • Rapporteur of the Department of Surgery/HMU 2005-2006
    • Head of the Emergency & Accident unit,                    2003-2004

    Rizgary Teaching Hospital.

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