Arthur Saniotis

Assistant Professor

College of Medicine

Department of Anatomy and Histology

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  • I am a clinical anatomist/neuroanatomist and medical scientist.  I completed my PhD at the University of Adelaide.  I am also a Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Medicine at the University of Adelaide and a Research Associate in the Institute of Evolutionary Medicine at the University of Zurich. My research interests include mental disorders, biological variations, mind body medicine, enhancement technologies, philosophy of medicine and bioethics.

    In 2017 our article was included in winning the Frontiers Spotlight Award on the theme” "Augmentation of brain function: facts, fiction and controversy".  I am currently involved in engineering a novel nanobot based neuroprosthetic device called ELI – (Endomyrrchorizae like interface), which was discussed in our recently published article.  We are hoping that ELI will be used as a future therapy for treating neurodegenerative disorders.

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    Recent publications:

    A Saniotis. Becoming Animals: Neurobiology of Shamanic Shapeshifting. NeuroQuantology 17 (5)

    P Rothmore, A Saniotis, D Pisaniello. A multi-stakeholder perspective on the integration of safety in university nursing, education, and engineering curricula. International journal of environmental research and public health 15 (7), 1429

    A Saniotis. Understanding Mind/Body Medicine from Muslim Religious Practices of Salat and Dhikr. Journal of religion and health 57 (3), 849-857

    A Saniotis, M Henneberg, AR Sawalma. Integration of Nanobots Into Neural Circuits As a Future Therapy for Treating Neurodegenerative Disorders. Frontiers in neuroscience 12, 153

    J Kumaratilake, A Saniotis. Integral segmental bi-lateral renal arteries and unilateral renal veins in a cadaver: A new classification. International Journal of Anatomical Variations

    S Williams, S Hanson-Easey, G Robinson, D Pisaniello, J Newbury. Heat adaptation and place: experiences in South Australian rural communities. Regional environmental change 17 (1), 273-283

    F Rühli, M Haeusler, A Saniotis, M Henneberg. Novel modules to teach evolutionary medicine: an Australian and a Swiss experience. Medical Science Educator 26 (3), 375-381

    A Saniotis, M Henneberg, G Ebrahimi. Human Microevolution in Outer Space. Journal of Futures Studies 20 (4), 61-78

    M Henneberg, A Saniotis. The dynamic human. Bentham Science Publishers

    D Roccisano, J Kumaratilake, A Saniotis, M Henneberg. Dietary fats and oils: some evolutionary and historical perspectives concerning edible lipids for human consumption. Scientific Reseach Publishing

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