Talib Adil Abdulqadir


College of Medicine

Department of Pediatrics

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  • Pediatric senior in Rapareen pediatric teaching hospital since 28/6/2014 , and perminent teaching staff of medical college in Hawler Medical university since 17/5/2015 , graduated from Hawler medical university /college of medicine since 25/6/2005 , and Iraqi board for medical specialization (pediatrics ) since 30/11/2011 .Member of International Parkinson and Movement Disorder society , participated in many international pediatric training course including pediatric epilepsy training by British Paediatric Neurology association (PET1,PET2,PET3,PETEEG) and Movement disorders in children and adolescents by International movement disordor society

  • https://scholar.google.com/citations?view_op=new_articles&hl=en&imq=TALIB+ADIL+ABDULQADIR#


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  • Pediatric senior in Rapareen teaching Hospital  2014

    Member of Teaching statt in HMU / college of medicine 2015

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