Pshtewan Mamakhidr


College of Medicine

Department of Medicine

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  • Dr.Pshtewan Mama Khidr Ahmad, born in Koya city in 1977.

    Ended Primary & Secondary school in Koya city.

    Started undergraduate study in College of Medicine-HMU.

    M.B.Ch.B in 2002.

    Starting Practice in Erbil hospitals as rotator for 2Years.

    Started Postgraduate study in 2004 in Iraqi Board for Medical specialties .

    Ended postgraduate study in 2009 & became a member  of Iraqi Board for Medical specialities.

    Worked as specialist in internal medicine in Makhmwr , Rozhhalat &  Rzgary  hospitals.

    Started work as Lecturer in College of Medicine – Department of Medicine from 2012 till now.

    Interested in Pulmonory diseases.

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