Jawhar Taher Omer


College of Medicine

Department of Pathology

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  • Dr. Jawher is a graduate from Hawler Medical University/ college of medicine, he has a board degree from Iraqi board for medical specialisation in pathology from Baghdad.

    Currently he is a lecturer of patholoy at college of medicine, involved in teaching and training courses of third stage pregraduate as well as post graduate students.

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  • 1.Cell blocks histopathology versus FNA cytology in diagnosis of primary         malignant lung mass: A comparative study.                                       Authors: Tenya T. Abdulhameed, Jawher Tahir Omer, Salah A. Ali.   Publication date: April 2017                                                             Journal:Zanco juornal of medical sciences.

     Volume: 21


     Pages: 1601-1607

     Publisher: Hawler Medical University.

    2. P53 expression in prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN).

    Authors: Noel Al-Sakkal,Luay Edward, Jawher Tahir Omer.
    Publication date: 2009
    Institution: The Iraqi Board for Medical Specialization in Pathology.
    3.  P53 over expression in skin lesions: An immunohistochemical study.
    Authors: Salah A. Ali, Yusra Abdulkhaliq Qasim, Jawher Tahir Omer.
    Publication date: 2015
    Journal: Zanco journal of medical sciences.
    Issue: 3
    Pages: 1091-1095
    Publisher: Hawler Medical University.
    4. The Relationship between Lymph Node Metastasis and Some Clinicopathologic Variables In Mucinous and Non-Mucinous Colorectal adenocarcinoma.
    Authors: Dr. Jawher Tahir Omer, Dr. Tenya Tariq Abdulhameed.
    Publication date: 2017/12
    Journal: Zanco journal of medical sciences.
    Issue: 3
    Pages: 1840-1845
    Publisher:Hawler Medical University.
  • 1: M.B.ch.B (Salahaddin University-College of Medicine-June 1990- Erbil/Iraq).  

    2. FICMS in Pathology (Iraqi Board in Pathology-2010- Baghdad/Iraq)

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