Kameran Hassan Ismail

Assistant Professor

College of Medicine

Department of Community Medicine

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    •  Assistant Professor of Community Medicine:
      • Learning, Teaching and supervision of both undergraduate and postgraduate students of College of Medicine
      • Learning, Teaching, Training, and supervision of postgraduate students of Kurdistani Board of Medical Specialization in Community Medicine and Family Medicine.
    • Awards and Prices:
      1. Fulbrighter Scholarship PRIDE. CIES, Washington DC, USA, 2012.
      2. Kent State University PRIDE. Kent State University, OHIO, USA, 2012.
      3. College of Technology-KSU, PRIDE. Kent State University, OHIO, USA, 2012.
      4. Stow City PRIDE. Stow City Council, OHIO, USA, 2012.
      5. The Third Prize due to third best result of the teaching methods course. Hawler Medical University, Erbil, 2009.
      6. Winner of KUMA-UK Prize for oral presentation of original scientific paper. KUMA, UK, 2008.
      7. The Third Prize due to third best result of the examination of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy course. Umea University, Sweden, 2001.



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    Research Gate: 8.89

    Papers with Impact Factors: Three papers

    Papers with Scopus: Two papers

    1. Supervision of M.Sc. Student in Community Medicine (Impact of Antenatal care on pregnancy outcome in sample of Syrian refugee camps in Erbil), 2017.
    2. Supervision of KBMS/ Community Medicine student (Risk factors of colorectal cancer among patients attending Sulaimani Hewa Hospital), 2016.
    3. Supervision of KBMS/Family Medicine Student (Nutritional assessment of elderly diabetic patients in Erbil city), 2016.
    4. Supervision of Higher Diploma student in Family Medicine (Factors associated with uncontrolled hypertension in a group of hypertensive patients), 2011
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    2. Risk factors of colorectal cancer in Sulaimani city. JSMC 2018; 8(1):47-52.
    3. Outcome of stroke: A six month follow-up study. ZJMS (In Press)
    4. Sexual satisfaction in a group of married women in Erbil, Iraq. JSMC 2017; 7(1);9-14
    5. Reading habits among sample of Hawler Medical College students in Erbil. KBMS Journal 2017.
    6. Cardiovascular risk factors in a rural area, Erbil, Iraq: A cross-sectional study. Iraqi J Com Med 2016; 29(4):197-200.
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    22. Trauma, dreaming, and psychological distress among Kurdish children. Dreaming 2005;15(3):178-94.
    23. The threat simulation theory of the evolutionary function of dreaming: Evidence from dreams of traumatized children. Consciousness and Cognition 2005;14:188–218
    24. Doctors in Erbil city, Factors affecting work outside the city. LAMBERT Academic Publishing. June 1, 2012 (Book).
    1. Ph. D. in Community Medicine, College of Medicine, Hawler Medical University, Iraq, (2007-2010).
    2. M.Sc. in Community Medicine, College of Medicine, Hawler Medical University, Iraq, (2003-2005).
    3. Higher Diploma in Child and Adoloescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Omeau Unversity, Sweden, (1999-2001).
    4. M.B.Ch.B. in Internal Medicine and General Surgery, College of Medicine, University of Salahaddin, Iraq, (1992-1998).
    • Learning and teaching of Undergraduate and Post graduate Students in the College of Medicine and Kurdistan Board for Medical specialization (Community Medicine and Family Medicine) about Epidemiology and Prevention of Chronic diseases, Research Methodology, Health Education and Medical Ethics.

    Assignments & Posts (Job Experience):

    1. Director of Erbil Center of Community Medicine Specialty in Kurdistan Board of Medical Specialties
    2. Member of Examination Committee of Arab Board for Health Specialization in Community Medicine, Amman, Jordan.
    3. Member of Consultation Bureau, College of Medicine, Hawler Medical University
    4. Editorial Assistant and Reference Evaluator in Zanco Journal of Medical Sciences, HawlerMedical University (2013-Now)
    5. Head of Department of Community Medicine, College of Medicine, HawlerMedical University, (2013-2015)
    6. Coordinator of College Scientific Promotion Committee, College of Medicine, HawlerMedical University, (2014-2016)
    7. Assistant Head Department of Community Medicine, College of Medicine, HawlerMedical University, (2012-2014)
    8.  Coordinator of quality assurance committee of Community Medicine department, College of Medicine, Hawler Medical University, (2011-2014)
    9. Representative of Hawler Medical University in higher committee of Health and Safety in ministry of higher education and scientific research (2011-2013)
    10. Member of Accreditation committee, College of Medicine, Hawler Medical University, (2012-2013)
    11. Director of Planning and Follow-up directorate, Hawler Medical University
    12. Director of Planning and Follow-up directorate, general directorate of Health, Erbil, 2005
    13. Assistant director of PSETC-Center (Psycho-social-education-training and consulting), Directorate of Social Affair, Ministry of Labour and social affair, (2001-2005)
    14. Director of Primary Health Center and Supervisor of Family Care Program, Erbil, (2001-2003)
    15. General Practitioner of internal Medicine and general surgery, Erbil rural area, DOH, (2000-2001)
    16. Internship in different fields of Medicine, Erbil Hospitals, DOH, (1998-2000).


    Other activities:

    1. Participation in many student center learning workshops
    2. Consultant Physician in Adonis Medical Center
    3. Participation in a workshop about Quality Assurance
    4. Participation as a supervisor in MICS-survey with aid of MOH, UNICEF, and KRSO at May-June 2006, Erbil.
    5. Psychosocial course for day care center staffs belonging to the MOHSA, the aim was better attachment and strengthening the relation between care givers and children, the course was for 6 days and supported by UNICEF\C.P. Erbil, 2003
    6. Contingency training program for staffs in different ministries, the aim was psychosocial support training during disasters and emotional support training for the victims of disasters. The course was for 20 days and supported by UNICEF\C.P. Erbil, 2003.
    7. Psychosocial Support and crises intervention for school-teachers all over Erbil City, the course was for 6 days and supported by UNICEF\C.P. Erbil, 2003.
    8. Psychosocial counseling of trauma training and training of trainers course for Secondary School counselor-teacher belonging to Ministry of Education in Erbil, it was for 6 days, Erbil 2004.
    9. Psychosocial and medical counseling course for women in areas outside Erbil city in coordination with IAA and RTI, Erbil, 2004.
    10. Running and supervising the workshop about violence in women (physical, sexual, emotional and psychological violence) for 6 days inside Erbil city 2004.
    11. Psychosocial course for social workers and monitors in both Orphanages of Erbil city for 10 days, Erbil, 2005.
    12. Training and preparing of staffs in order to employ in a center that deals with street children, the course was for 2 months (one month theoretical lectures and one month practical training), Erbil, 2005.
    13. Training and preparing of medical staff in order to employ in PSETC- center, Erbil, 2006.
    14. Several training courses (from 1998-2004) about (public health, nutrition knowledge attitude, general health, vaccination, personal hygiene and handicap children) as physician by DOH-Erbil in coordination with WHO and UNICEF.
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