Tola Abdulsattar FARAJ


College of Medicine

Department of Microbiology

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  • Dr. Tola A. FARAJ

    PhD. in Medical Immunology 

  • Google Scholar

    • The Soluble Form of Toll-Like Receptor 2 Is Elevated in Serum of Multiple Sclerosis Patients: A Novel Potential Disease Biomarker
    • Regulation of cardiometabolic risk factors by dietary Toll-like receptor stimulants
    • Host defenses against metabolic endotoxaemia and their impact on lipopolysaccharide detection
    • Role of toll-like receptor 2 in mediating infection and inflammation in multiple sclerosis
    • Reduced dietary intake of pro-inflammatory Toll-like receptor stimulants favourably modifies markers of cardiometabolic risk in healthy men
    • PhD. (Glenfield Hospital_University of Leicester_UK)
    • M.Sc. (College of Medicine_Hawler Medical University)
    • B.Sc. (College of Science_Salahaddin University)
    • Tola Faraj — University of Leicester
    • Tola Faraj PhDepiction — University of Leicester
    • Representing Kurds through art
    • Photo exhibit celebrates legacy of Kurdistan's referendum
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