Nawsherwan Sadiq ٍMohammad


College of Medicine

Department of Pathology

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  • Graduated from College of Medicine Tikrit University 1999

    Iraqi Board Qualification 2006

    Lecturer Hematopathologist College of medicine Hawler Medical University since 20006


    Involved in Learning of second stage medical students, hematopathology.

    Involved in learning of Kurdistan Board students ( Hematopathology).

    Involved in learning of Health Science college students' 3rd stage.

    Working in Nanakaly hospital for hematology and oncology diseases two days /week


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    Prevalence and etiological classification of thrombocytopenia among a group of pregnant women in Erbil City, Iraq


    Turkish journal of hematology


    Clinical- Hematological Study of Patients with Aplastic Anemia Attending Nanakaly Hospital in Erbil City.

    Kirkuk Health Conference




    Isolation of Candida albicans from Oral cavity of diabetic subjects and its relationship to total and differential white blood cell count



    Zanko Journal Of Medicine


    A Laboratory Study of Anemia in Children Aged 6 Months to 6 Years in Erbil City




    Babylon Medical Journal


    Clinical and haematological parameters in Adult AML patients: a four years experience at nanakaly hospital for blood diseases



    Zanko Journal of Medicine


    Case Report:

    Promyelocytic Blast Crisis of Chronic Myeloid

    Leukemia after One Year of Imatinib Treatment


    Zanko Journal of Medicine


    Evaluation the Role of Bone Marrow Examination in Diagnosis of Hematological Disease in Hemato-Oncology centers in Kurdistan Region

    Iraqi Joural of Hematology


    A clinical-Hematological Study of Pancytopenia Patients Attending Nanakaly Hospital in Erbil City

    Iraqi Joural of Hematology


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  • MBChB 1999 college of medicine / Tikrit University 1999

    Iraqi BAORD for medical Specialization Hematopathology 2006 


  • Hematopathologist

     Member of Kurdistan Society of Pathology


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