Evan Latef Khlef


College of Medicine

Department of Anatomy and Histology

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  • I have Ph.D in Molecular Biology; My Ph.D project was about DNA vaccine and construction of plasmid-free from antibiotic resistant gene for DNA vaccine.

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  • I have the following Qualifications:

    B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D Molecular Biology

    Specialization: Molecular biologist


  • Training courses which I attended:

    1.Diagnostic Microbiology lab 12/1/2001 To  19/7/2001 Ramadii General Hospital

    2. ELISA & IFAT techniques 18/1/2002 To 19/3/2002 Public Health Laboratories in Baghdad

    3. Worked on Protein Electrophoresis 3/5/2002 To  6/5/2002 Public Health Laboratories in Baghdad

    4.Training course in teaching 16-9-2006 To 7-11/2006/ Salahadeen University

    5.Training course  infectious diseases 29/5/07 To 31/5/07 HMU/CME committee                                                                        

    6. Participate in first workshop/ Komar 9 To 10/1/2008 / HMU

    7. Participate as instructor in the technical workshop (diagnostic tools for avian influenza) EU-Funded ConFluTech 24 To 27/10/2009/ General Veterinary Lab

    8. ICILG pathology workshop 24-25/10/ 2011/ Ministry of health

    9. Real Time training course 13-14/1-2013/ HMU/MRC


    Scientific Conferences Participation

    1. Sixth Medical Conference, Al-Anbar University College of Medicine/

    2003/ Al-Anbar, University College of Medicine

    2. Higher education conference/ 2008/ Erbil

    3.The first scientific conference of Hawler Medical University/ 2008/ HMU

    4. The second scientific conference of medical science/ 2010/ HMU

    5. The third scientific conference of medical science/ 2012/ HMU

    6. Fourth international visible conference on Educational science/ 2013/Ishik university

    7. Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus conference in Chicago/ 2015/ USA

    8. Epigenetic conference in RSS/ 2016/ Jordan

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