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Assistant Lecturer

College of Pharmacy

Department of Clinical Analysis

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  • Im assistant lecturer ( histologist) in  clinical snslysis department pharmacy college / Hawler medical university . 

  • 1. The protective effects of fumaria Offecinalis against the testiclar toxicity of fluxitine in rats.

    2. Histopathological aspects of Co adminastration of Dexamethasone and Diclofenac soduim on male rat.

  • Advarse effects of Diclofenac sodium induced toxicity of brain .

  • Nandrolone effects on mens semen parameters in Erbil city

  • I have master degree in histology . I study microbiology as undergraguated degree in science college / musal university . Phd student at the moment in pharmacy college / Hawler medical university . 

  • I have a majestic expirence in immunohistochemistry and special staining of different tissues . I have skills in animal house treatment as i worker in medicene college and i ready to help any researcher ( injection , breeding, feeding ) . 

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