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Medical Research Center

Medical Research Center

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  • Mechanisms of defective insulin secretion in type 2 diabetes

  • Papers have published in peer-review international journals with High Thomson Reuters Impact factor. Papers presented in the international conferences, Symposium and Workshop

    Rosengren AH, Braun M, Mahdi T, Andersson SA, Travers ME, Shigeto M, Zhang E, Almgren P, Ladenvall C, Axelsson AS, Edlund A, Pedersen MG, Jonsson A, Ramracheya R, Tang Y, Walker JN, Barrett A, Johnson PR, Lyssenko V, McCarthy MI, Groop L, Salehi A, Gloyn AL, Renström E, Rorsman P, Eliasson L. Reduced insulin exocytosis in human pancreatic β-cells with gene variants linked to type 2 diabetes. Diabetes. 2012 Jul;61(7):1726-33

    Mahdi T, Hänzelmann S, Salehi A, Muhammed SJ, Reinbothe TM, Tang Y, Axelsson AS, Zhou Y, Jing X, Almgren P, Krus U, Taneera J, Blom AM, Lyssenko V, Esguerra JL, Hansson O, Eliasson L, Derry J, Zhang E, Wollheim CB, Groop L, Renström E, Rosengren AH. Secreted frizzled-related protein 4 reduces insulin secretion and is overexpressed in type 2 diabetes. Cell Metab. 2012 Nov 7;16(5):625-33.

    Mahdi T, Mecham B, Groop L, Renström E and Rosengren AH. A module of co-expressed genes in human islets associated with type 2 diabetes and islet dedifferentiation. Manuscript.

    Pawel Buda, Thomas Reinbothe, Vini Nagaraj, Taman Mahdi, Cheng Luan, Yunzhao Tang, Annika S. Axelsson, Daiqing Li, Anders H. Rosengren, Erik Renström and Enming Zhang. Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit E controls intracellular calcium homeostasis by regulation of CaV1.2 surface expression. PLoS One 2013

    P Buda, E Zhang, T Mahdi, T Reinbothe, E Renstrom .The Cav1. 2 calcium channel spatial expression in pancreatic beta cells is regulated by eIF3e-eukaryotic translation initiation factor subunit'e. DIABETOLOGIA 54, S112-S112.2011

    E Zhang, P Buda, T Mahdi, T Reinbothe, J Striessnig, E Renström . Activity-Dependent Cav1. 2 Cluster Surface expressions in Insulin-Secreting Cell . Biophysical Journal 98 (3), 695a 2010

    P Buda, T Reinbothe, T Mahdi, E Renstrom. elF3e controls pancreatic beta-cell proliferation and apoptosis by regulation of CaV1. 2 calcium ion channel surface expression

  • Jan 2009- Feb 2013 Academy of Graduate studies, Ph.D. Medical Science,
    Experimental Diabetes Mellitus
    Clinical Research Center (CRC), Lund University
    Malmö, Sewed
    Nov 1998- June 2004 Bachelor Medicine and General Surgery (M.B.Ch.B.)
    Salahaddin University (current Hawler Medical University)

  • Clinical Experience

    2004-2006 As a junior house officer (internship) in department of internal medicine and department of general surgery in Erbil-Rezgary hospital, Hawler teaching hospital, Erbil-Emergency hospital and department of Gynecology and obstetrics and department of pediatrics in Maternity and pediatric hospital /Kurdistan-Erbil.


    2007-2008 General Practitioner (GP) in Shaqlawa Hospital

    2008-2009 Permanent of internal medicine in Erbil-Rezgary hospital, Hawler teaching hospital

    Scientific Experience

    Feb 2013-Feb.2014 Postdoc

    Lund University, Department of Clinical Science, , Sewed.

    Nov 2011-present Lecturer

    Hawler Medical Unoversity,Medical Research Center. Hawler, KRG, Iraq


    Insulin secretion and content measurement in vitro( from human and rodent islets and cell line)

    Islet and cell line viability assessment

    Cell membrane capacitance recording (Patch Clamp technique)

    Elisa Technique

    Gene expression (Rt-PCR)

    RNA interference

    Western Blot

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