Health and hygiene awareness in schools

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In collaboration with Erbil Directorate of Education, the College of Nursing of Hawler Medical University provided health and hygiene awareness and education services to more than 1000 children and adolescents in kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools in Erbil city. The services were provided by undergraduates students with their supervisors in four kindergartens, six primary schools and five secondary schools during the period from 9 February to 30 March 2019.

In the kindergartens, awareness was provided about personal self-care including sleep time, safe food, visual acuity, hand hygiene, self-toilet, nail care, and bed making. In the primary schools, awareness was provided about personal hygiene including infectious disease such as lice, mumps, teeth brushing, hand hygiene, safe and health food and TV programs. In the secondary schools, awareness was provided about keeping mind from bad things, the change that occurs in puberty, sign and symptoms and how to minimize pain during menstruation, how you do the self-breast examination, exercise and during puberty and secondary school.


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