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Antibiotic use awareness in secondary schools

Antibiotic use awareness in secondary schools

12 June 2019 | Published in College of Pharmacy - Events & Activities. Read 1395 times.

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The students of the College of Pharmacy, in collaboration with Kurdistan Pharma Organization and the Directorate of Education in Erbil, carried out project for awareness about the use of antibiotics in a number of secondary schools in Erbil. The project was carried out from February to May 2019. The pharmacy students provided awareness to a large number of teachers and students in these secondary schools through a series of seminars. The topics were about when can we use antibiotics? the benefits of the antibiotics when used suitably and as directed, the side effects of these drugs and bacteria resistance to antibiotics.

At the end of the seminars, the students were able to understand the topic of the seminar and they have taken awareness about using the antibiotics. The students also had some questions about the topic which were answered by Pharmacy students. During these seminars, nearly 650 students from secondary schools benefited from the seminars.