DMPK, Drug interactions, and Cell culture in drug development

DMPK, Drug interactions, and Cell culture in drug development Featured

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The aim of this workshop is create a strong collaboration with Kurdish scientists abroad.

Three subjects have been presented during this workshop including Drug metabolism and pharmaco-kinetics in drug development, Drug interactions with different materials, and Cell culture in drug developments.
This workshop was presented by Assist. Dr. Chopie Hassan (Sr. Scientist DMPK and Bioanalysis ,Leiden, South Holland Province, Netherlands) during 7Th of May 2019 to 9th of May 2019 to the faculty staff of college of pharmacy at Hawler medical university.
Dr Chopie explained drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic of drugs to determine the safety and the dose to be administrate to human, second part of the workshop was drug interact in the body with Food, Any concomitantly administered drug molecule, drug interaction can produce negative effects on safety and efficacy of the therapeutic drug, finally, she explained cell culture in drug development with cell culture accessories, safety, reagents, culture condition, equipment, and Protocol
Number of participants: 32

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