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Clinical Teaching Strategies Workshop

Clinical Teaching Strategies Workshop Featured

12 September 2018 | Read 12276 times.

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The idea of this workshop arose from the meeting with the dean of college about a

a symposium regarding clinical teaching as a step to improve the clinical teaching program, a decision was made to hold a preparatory workshop   to discuss the principle of clinical teaching and explain the ideal methods and the requirements of clinical teaching in three main sectors of clinical setting preparation , role of instructors in clinical teaching program and college readiness for this part of education and to review the current situation of the clinical teaching program at the college of nursing to identify the barriers and find  out the solution through detailed discussion and SWOT analysis.

Type of activity: workshop


Dr.Vian A.Naqshbandi

Ph.D in adult health nursing/lecturer


Mrs Nawroz Ghazi

M.Sc. in adult nursing /Assist lecturer


Mr Halmat Authman

M.Sc. in adult nursing /Assist lecturer


Mr Goran Abubakir

M.Sc. in adult nursing /Assist lecturer

Affiliation: Hawler Medical University / College of Nursing

Audience: Nursing Teachers

Venue: College of Nursing

No. of Participants: 39

Day: Wednesday and Thursday

Date: 12- 13/9/2018

Time: 9:00–12:00

Workshop Announcment

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