A Population Based Health Survey in Benislawa District

A Population Based Health Survey in Benislawa District Featured

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A team from faculty staff in the Community Health Nursing unit and students of the 4th stage at the College of Nursing carried out a population based health survey in Benislawa district on 3 December 2017. The survey was supervised by Assistant Prof. Dr. Kareem Fattah. After receiving sufficient training, the team members visited homes and carried out the survey about the general health status of the household members and the nutritional status of the children. .

Title: Population based health survey in Benislawa District

Type: Home visit to Benislawa District

Affiliation: Hawler Medical University, College of Nursing

participants:  Most  Teachers in community health unit

Venue: Benislawa district

No. of Participants: most population in Bnaslawa

Day: Sunday 

Date: 3-12-2017

Time: 9 am to 2  pm

Duration: one day

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