Honoring Assistant Professor Dr. Dara O. Meran

Honoring Assistant Professor Dr. Dara O. Meran Featured

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The University Council and the directorates of Hawler Medical University organized a ceremony for honoring Assistant Professor Dr. Dara O. Meran on the occasion of his retirement. Dr. Dara O. Meran held the positions of Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs (2008-2015) and University President (2015-2020) at Hawler Medical University. During this period, the university witnessed important developments and progress in the management and scientific fields. The university has been successful in expanding the undergraduate and postgraduate study programs, revising the study programs, introducing new and modern learning methods, introducing the integrated medical education system and the Bologna process system, improvements in the national and international rankings, and establishment and development of learning and management electronic platforms and systems. The present Acting President, Assist. Prof. Dr. Kamaran Younis M. Amin and the other members of the university council recognized the leading and the crucial role of Dr. Dara O. Meran in managing the university and in the progress it has made during this period.


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