14th Graduation Ceremony for Hawler Medical University
Under the patronage of Assist. Prof. Dr. Dara O. Meran, President of Hawler Medical University More detail
Cultural Activity
During the past few months the students of Hawler Medical University\College of Pharmacy, More detail
Photography exhibition
Photography Show was taken place on Thursday 25 April 2019 More detail
Date of second (2019) Foreign Pharmacy Graduate...
Date of first (2019) Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination (25&26/06/2019) at 9:00 AM More detail
DMPK, Drug interactions, and Cell culture in drug...
The aim of this workshop is create a strong collaboration with Kurdish scientists abroad. More detail
Training course "How to Prepare a Manuscript for...
The main purpose of this training course is to help scientists and students of the sciences in all disciplines to prepare manuscripts that will have a high probability of being accepted for publication and of being completely understood when they are published. Because the requirements of journals... More detail
University Open Day
Under the patronage of the University President, Assistant Professor Dr. Dara O. Meran, More detail
Workshop of " Pharmacy study program in the Netherlands "
During 2.4.2019-10.4.2019, College of pharmacy at Hawler medical university More detail
Workshop of " Pharmacy study program in the Netherlands "
During 2.4.2019-10.4.2019, College of pharmacy at Hawler medical university More detail
Pharmacy students celebrate national pride on Kurdish...
On the Occasion of Kurdish traditional clothing day 10.3.2019, students and teaching staff of college of pharmacy Hawler medical university More detail


Information System & Statistics Unit




Provide the college community with effective, reliable, and secure technology to support the university's academic, research, and administrative goals.


The Information system Division strives to empower the University community to achieve its varied instructional, research, and services objectives by:

  • Providing and sustaining robust information technology infrastructure resources.
  • Creating and supporting interactive, student-centered learning environments, effective management systems, and associated support services.
  • Assisting our clients in identifying and accessing relevant information resources and becoming discerning consumers of information.


  • Provide information technology infrastructure that meets the needs of the college to communicate both internally and externally and to connect with informational resources effectively, efficiently, ethically and securely.    
  • Acquire, develop and provide access to information resources that support the research, teaching, learning and administrative needs of the college.    
  • Enhance university research, teaching and learning by providing information resources, the application of technology, and the pursuit of progressive, collaborative initiatives driven by the college strategic plan.    
  • Enable improved college administration through effective information and technology management.    
  • Provide support services that meet the needs of students and staff .    
  • Develop and manage diverse IT division organizational and human resources to enable effective, efficient and ethical support of the college's information technology needs. 



College of Pharmacy

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