Professional and skills development project for nurses

Professional and skills development project for nurses

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Hawler Medical University in collaboration with the Mangi Spi Kurdistan Health Education Organization (MSKHEO) carried out a project for continuing professional and clinical/communication skills development of nurses in Erbil governorate and raising their awareness of the different health issue.

The project was carried out from November 2017 to May 2018 and included weekly training sessions and seminars about different topics including pre-marriage counseling, diabetes mellitus, hospital acquired infections, health education, diseases and health, professionalism, effective communication, healthy life and adaption with chronic diseases, tuberculosis day event, infection control, geriatric care, cancer day event, healthy nutrition, etc.

Faculty staff from the different colleges of Hawler Medical University actively participated in organizing and running these sessions. A large number of nurses from different hospitals and health institutions within Erbil governorate participated in this project and attended these sessions.

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