Erbil Nursing and Midwifery Development Programme

Erbil Nursing and Midwifery Development Programme

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On 16 October 2016 Erbil Nursing & Midwifery Development Programme has been formally opened as a collaborative project of College of Nursing of Hawler Medical University, Erbil Directorate of Health and LDS Charities. Negotiations with further partners including universities from the UK and USA are in progress, and the Programme is supported by international nursing and midwifery experts.

The main aims of the Programme are:

  • developing and delivering a sustainable, comprehensive, accredited system of Continuing Professional Development linked with related implementation activities to achieve specific, measurable and long-term impact on the quality of nursing and midwifery care

  • initiating, developing and delivering developmental projects to advance nursing and midwifery professions in the Erbil Governorate, independently or with regional, national and international organizations

  • conducting and supporting nursing and midwifery research

  • acting as a partner for organizations providing nursing and midwifery education and training in Erbil Governorate to support implementation, monitoring and evaluation aspects of their activities

  • serving as an informational resource related to nursing and midwifery education and practice in Kurdistan

  • contributing to advancement of nursing & midwifery professions in the region

The Programme will focus on development of nurses and midwives in clinical practice, but will also support those working in education, management of clinical and academic services, regulation and policy-making, and research. In addition, all the activities of the programme will be open to nursing and midwifery students.

The educational activities of the Programme have started in September 2016 with the Infection Prevention& Waste Management Course and training of nurses & midwives from hospitals in Erbil Governorate in neonatal resuscitation (Helping Babies Breathe). The Programme also supported the establishment of the Working Group for Midwifery Development that has brought together stakeholders of midwifery services in Erbil to address the development of the profession in the region. The student activities started with the first meetings of the Postgraduate Students Group from the College of Nursing who will use the Programme for development of their language and research skills.

The Erbil Nursing & Midwifery Development Programme has been established to provide the opportunities to those who want to improve their knowledge and skills, undertake developmental or research project, and thus contribute to the advancement of nursing & midwifery professions in Kurdistan Region. As a new project the success of the Programme depends on the partnership, commitment and efforts of all nurses and midwives (and anyone else interested in nursing & midwifery care) and will only achieve its objectives through their willingness to get involved and dedicate some of their time and energy to common good of all of us.

Everyone is welcome. Just come and see how you can get involved!

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