Erbil International Hotel

4th International Scientific Conference of Hawler Medical University

Towards Scientific Identification of Mass Graves and Genocide in Kurdistan Region

Hawler Medical University will conduct the 4th international scientific conference of the university under the theme of ‘Towards Scientific Identification of Mass Graves Genocide in Kurdistan Region’ in Erbil city on 7-8 November 2018.

This conference will focus on the important issue of genocide and will be held under the theme of “Towards Scientific Identification of Mass Graves and Genocide in Kurdistan Region.”

The conference will particularly focus on the following main themes:

Forensic anthropology
Recognition of genocide cases of Yazidis
Mass graves
Role of DNA and molecular identification of victims
Legal issues in genocide
Effect of chemical weapon on the Kurdish people
Documentation of genocide
Psychosocial consequences of genocide and post-traumatic stress syndrome

We welcome keynote, research and poster presentations. Participation with research in any of the three languages of Kurdish, Arabic and English is acceptable.

Only new and not previously published research is accepted for the conference.

The full research papers of the conference will be published in the proceedings of the conference.

The deadline for the abstract submission is 1 October 2018.

Online Abstract Submission (deadline passed)

The full schedule of the conference is provided at the end of this page. The PDF version of the final scientific program can be obtained from the following link:

Conference Scientific Program

Conference booklet

Registration fees are 25,000 ID for participants from Iraq and US$100 for participants from outside Iraq and they are paid on site.

The deadline for registration for the conference is 30 October 2018.

Online Registration

– The participants from Erbil can visit the Finance Department at the Presidency of Hawler Medical University to make the registration payment.

– The participants from outside Erbil can make the registration payment onsite on the first day of conference during registration.

– Presenters are exempted from the registration fees payment.

Hawler Hall, Erbil International Hotel, Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Welcome Note

I would like to welcome all the conference participants to the 4th International Scientific Conference of Hawler Medical University, which is held under the theme of ‘Towards Scientific Identification of Mass Graves and Genocide in Kurdistan Region’.

Hawler Medical University always works on addressing the issues related to the health and wellbeing of the community and developing the medical education in Kurdistan and Iraq as a whole. Every year, we carry out different scientific activities to address these issues. In the previous conferences of Hawler Medical University, we tried to address important topics such as directing scientific research to address the community needs and promoting the medical education in Kurdistan. In the current 4th International Scientific Conference of Hawler Medical University, we discuss the important issues of mass graves and genocide.

During the last few decades, Kurdistan Region faced many ethnic cleansing and mass attacks that have results in killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, demolition of thousands of villages and forced displacement of hundreds of thousands of people. Chemical weapon bombardment of different areas including Halabja and the ill-reputed Anfal operations are examples of these non-human attacks and tragedies. Unfortunately, all these events and their consequences are not adequately covered in the literature, and limited research has addressed them. All these operations in addition to the recent attack of ISIS on civilians and mass killings have produced hundreds of mass graves throughout Kurdistan and Iraq.

Our experience with identification and exploring mass graves is very recent, and we need to do such important and sensitive work in a sound scientific method. Therefore, we ought to bring experts from throughout Iraq and from abroad together in this conference to present their experiences and discuss the best ways and method for the scientific identification of mass graves and proper documentation of genocide in Kurdistan region. These efforts can help in getting international recognition of these genocide acts and will assist in preventing such aggression and non-human behavior against the human being and our nation in particular in the future.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Dara O. Meran

President of Hawler Medical University



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