Pilot study of Kidney size and renal artery levels in Iraqi people’s sample

Proceedings of the Third International Conference of the College of Medicine, Hawler Medical University

Pilot study of Kidney size and renal artery levels in Iraqi people’s sample

Suhail M. Najjar, College of Medicine, Hawler Medical University

Tarq Aziz toma College of Medicine, Hawler Medical University

Ahmad Abdulwahab, Zheen International Hospital

Nihad P. Shabella, College of Medicine, Hawler Medical University

DOI: 10.15218/com.03.07

Published: 21 Jan 2019



Background and objectives: Complex embryological development of the kidneys, with ascending steps of the kidneys during their developments leads them to be variable in their positions and instability of their sitting areas which may be affected by variable internal and external environmental factors, with the daily developments and advance in urological surgeries including moreover to minimal incisions approach encyst us to do more studies on the exact positions and size of kidneys in various nationalities and geographical distribution in order to appoint exact anatomical knowledge simplifying their surgeries.

Methods: Totally 40 cases of kidney donors cases with normal kidney functions under-run this study, their concern received after their preparation the procedure of CT-renal angiography performed in zheen international hospital and each case studied alone by history, investigations and CT-angiography results analysis and the data are collected statistically studied by SPSS- (SPSS 24 software, Inc., Chicago, II, USA). A cut-off value of p˂0.05 used to indicate significance.

Results: Average age was 30 years. Differences observed by genders, the average male renal sizes were 146.6960(cm3) and 149.2840 (cm3) for right and left kidneys respectively.  While the average female right renal sizes were 143.0860 cm3, and left renal sizes were 146.9898 cm3. Regarding the level of origin of renal arteries on both sides were at the level of Lumber vertebra (L1-L2) i.e. Transpyloric plane, but left renal artery were half a body vertebra were lower than right, In vice versa to renal hilar levels. Renal size was larger in male than females. The size of kidneys decreased with age

Conclusions: In this study revealed that the right kidney is smaller than left, but the right renal artery is higher in average than left although the right kidney mass is lower than left because of liver. Renal size is larger in male than female. There are variations in various geographical and national renal sizes among different areas. Parallel correlation found between renal size and BMI.

Keywords: Renal size, Renal  CT-angiography, Renal surgeries.



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