Proceedings of the 4th International Scientific Conference of Hawler Medical University


Forensic Investigation of Barzanian Mass Grave Skeletal Remains at Busaya Desert in Samawa- Iraq Yasin K. Amin 18
حكم الإبادة الجماعية في الشريعة الاسلامية و الديانات الأخرى: القومية الكردية نموذجاً Yaseen Kareem 24
Documentation of Kurdish Genocide and Common Diseases Occurred among Victims after Genocide: Retrospective Study Kareem F. Aziz 34
Mass grave excavation and osteological evaluation of mass grave in Shaxke- Duhok Yasin K. Amin, 43
Forensic Investigation of Two Christian and Muslim Mass Graves Skeletal Remains in Sorya-Duhok governorate- Iraqi Kurdistan                     Yassin K. Amin,

Goran Q. Othman

Role of women after genocide among Barzanian families in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq Paywand S. Naqshbandi 53
Lived Experience of the Activists of Barzani Genocide: A Phenomenological Study Muaf A. Karim 59
Biochemical Mechanisms and Methodologies Applied to the Study of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Daniele S. Persike 65
Health Challenges of Women of Martyr Families in Erbil City Hamdia M. Ahmed 75
Delayed Skin, Neurological and Ophthalmological Complications of Chemical Weapons in Peshmargas Dindar Sh. Qurtas 80
Cytogenetic study among chemical bombardment survivors in Shekh Wasan and Balisan valley Kurdistan Region-Iraq Sheeman H. Mohammed 86
Clinical Biochemical and Hematological Follow up of Peshmergas Exposed to Chemical Weapon Mohammed Y. Qader, Ahmad M. Mekaail 93




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