Improving skills in finding scientific journals

Improving skills in finding scientific journals

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A Training Course for Improving skills in finding scientific journals and reviewing manuscripts

4 weeks duration

Improving skills in finding scientific journals & reviewing manuscripts


Summary description: One of the skills that every academic staff has to have is publishing papers and also reviewing manuscripts for scientific journals. These skills need practice and getting experience. This training course introduced teachers in techniques for publishing and reviewing scientific articles. 

Type of activity: Training Course

Presenters: Dr. Abbas Burhan Salihi, Dr. Azeez A Barzinjy, Dr. Karim Fattah, Dr. Hamdia Mirkhan Ahmed

Qualification: Assistant professor

Affiliation: Hawler Medical University and Salahadin University

Audience: Teachers of the College of Nursing

Venue: Hall 1/ College of Nursing

No. of Participants: 35

Day: Every Mondays and Wednesday

Date: 11/7/2018 – 16/8/2018

Time: 24 hours


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