The 2nd Annual Festival of Health and Safety

The 2nd Annual Festival of Health and Safety Featured

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The College of Health Sciences and the Directorate of Health and Safety at Hawler Medical University organized the 2nd annual festival of health and safety on 2 May 2018, under the supervision of the University President, Assistant Professor Dr. Dara O. Meran, and the participation of a number of distinguished guests and officials in addition of the academic staff and students.

Summary description: 2nd Annual Festival of Health and Safety celebration of the World Environment Day
Type: festival.
Organizers: Mr. Amer Ali Khaleel, Miss Chnar Dizayee, Mr. Rasul Ali and students of both departments.
Affiliation: Hawler Medical University/ College of Health Sciences.
Attendants: Faculty members of the College of Health Sciences at Hawler Medical University and guests.
Location: Garden of the College of Pharmacy
Day: Wednesday.
Date: 2th May 2018.
Time: 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM.
Duration: 6 hr.

The festival included many scientific, art and cultural activities with a focus on the health and safety:

1. The laboratory station (Medical Microbiology): there were many laboratory diagnostic tests such as H. pylori in serum, HCV, HBsAg, Blood group, Widal test, Brucella test, R.F., ASO titer, CRP and Tuberculosis Ab with 90% discount.
2. The laboratory station (Clinical Biochemistry): there were many laboratory diagnostic tests such as Liver function test, Renal function test, Lipid profile, serum iron with 90% discount.
3. Blood Glucose Station: The members of blood glucose station checked the blood glucose of the people, and also they gave them some information and awareness about diabetes mellitus, and they told them what's the signs and symptoms of DM and how to be protected from diabetes.
4. The First Aid station is the assistance given to any person suffering from a sudden illness or injury, with the care provided to preserve their lives, prevent the condition from worsening or promote recovery. The station included the explanation of 10 different subjects starting from ABCs and CPR and many other conditions.

5. Training course about fire extinguishing with practical application to extinguish the fire was in collaboration with the Civil Defense of Hawler.

The second Annual festival would like to thank our 2018 partners and sponsors who helped make the Festival possible!
This festival was sponsored by many companies like:
1. HMU office Kurdistan student’s union.
2. CMC hospital.
3. Dilnewa.
4. E.K fitness store.
5. Hawkar Cosmetics.
6. Karos.
7. Lara private school.
8. Moka and more.
10. Parwa Sewing.

We want to thank our people here in Hawler medical university at the College of Health Sciences for their participation and we hope that they got benefits from the festival.






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