College Council

The College Council's role is to establish and monitor systems and processes to set strategic direction; establish the purpose, values, and goals of the college; identify and manage risk.

The college council is the highest authority of the college, the council holds regular meetings to follow up and manage performance expectations and monitor achievement against the mentioned objectives. 

The College Council is composed of the following members:

  • Assist. prof. Dr. Alaadin Muhamad Naqishbandi, Dean of College, Head of Council
  • Assist. Lecturer  Tariq fareeq Abdullah, Assistant Dean for Admin Affairs, Secretary
  • Lecturer. Dr. Dana, Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Member
  • Lecturer. Dr. Aryan Rzgar Ganjo, Head of the Department of Pharmacognosy, Member
  • Lecturer. Dr. Bushra Ahmed Hamdi, Head of the Department of Clinical Analysis, Member
  • Assist. prof. Dr. Bootan Abdulqader Salih, Head of the Department of Pharmacology, Member
  • Lecturer. Dr. Hunar Kamal, Head of the Department of Pharmaceutics, Member


College of Pharmacy

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