Hawler Medikal University Farewell Party
There Was a Farewell That Belongs to Hawler Medical University on 19/7/2018 at Martyr Saad Abdullah Hall by the presence of Dr.dara  Omer Miran University chancellor and The rest of university Professors.  More detail
There was a lecture which was entitled: (DNA) and presented
There was a lecture which was entitled: (DNA) and presented by: (Dr. Ayshan Rafaat Yasin) on the last Wednesday date: (8/8/2018) at 10:00 am at Medical Research Center and the teachers that have attended this lecture took a lot of benefit from it. More detail
The Remembrance of Genocide Ceremony in Barzan
The director of Medical Research Center's visit to Barzan in the commemoration of genocide ceremony on 31/7/2018 More detail
Expression level in Various tissue and all line of natural...
A workshop was conducted by the Medical Research Center, Hawler Medical University about "Expression level in various tissue and all line of natural antisense transcription", which was presented by Dr. Ayshan Rafaat Yassin on 12.9.2017 with the participation of a number of researcher and faculty... More detail
Self Discipline Workshop
The Medical Research Center at Hawler Medical University organized a workshop on the Self Discipline for the faculty staff, which was presented by Mr Bashdar Mahmoud Hussein on 7.11.2017.   More detail
Workshop on how to use google effectively
The Medical Research Center of Hawler Medical University organized a workshop entitled how to use google effectively on 28.11.2017, which was presented by Mr Jeer Azad Mohammed Anber and attended by a number of faculty staff and researchers from the center and the university. More detail
The effect of of primer-template mismatches
The Medical Research Center at Hawler Medical University conducted a workshop on the effect  of of primer-template mismatches on 30 October 2018. Mr. Jeer Azad Mohammed Anber organized and moderated the workshop, which was attended by a number of researchers and faculty staff who  got a lot of... More detail
Active medical leader
There was a workshop which was entitled Active medical leader) and presented  by (Mr.Bashdar Mahmoud Hussen ) on 21/4/2018 to 22, 23 /4/2018 at medical legal Institute and It lasted for 2 hours per day     More detail
Group Discussion
Group Discussion            (11.06.2018) More detail
Polymerase chain Reaction (PCR) Traning Course
Clinical Application of PCR                                                 (11/06/2018) by (Dr.Taman Mahdy Hammed) More detail

The Directorate of Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance directorate (QAD) was established to preview issues associated with ensuring the quality of education, and follow the process of academic staff's development at College of pharmacy. This directorate will encourage academic staffs to publish and do excellent works during their jobs in the field of science. Our college will play a vital role through a quality assurance unit to achieve the goal of creating active scientists who help to develop our Kurdistan. The staff members of college of pharmacy have to follow quality assurance polices and present workshops, seminars, and scientific publication.

The Quality assurance directorate also started an online system (OS) to show quality assurance activities, including student feedback, online contact form, and show all issues that related to quality assurance policies.


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